Bylaws on Deacons


    Section 1 Deacons
(1) General
    There may be one deacon for every 15 families whose names are on the active church roll until a maximum of forty (40) deacons is reached. Deacons shall be elected at a specially called business meeting of the church by secret ballot during the month of August.

      (2) Term of Office
    The deacons shall serve on a rotation basis. In case of a death or removal or incapacity to serve, the church may elect to fill the unexpired term. After serving a term of three (3) years, no deacon shall be eligible for reelection until the lapse of one (1) year. There is no obligation to constitute as an active deacon a person who comes to the church from another church where he has served as deacon.

    (3) Election
    An alphabetical list of all ACTIVE men of the church (who have been contacted and are willing to serve) will be submitted to the membership for prayerful consideration to select men for the number of vacancies to be filled on the deacon council. Deacons shall be nominated following the morning worship service the 3rd Sunday in August of each year. Each church member may vote for as many men as will be elected. From this list using qualifications listed in these by-laws, the Active Deacon Council will screen and recommend for ordination or installation the number to be elected according to the highest number of votes received. Men elected will be ordained or installed in time to be eligible to assume office at the first deacon's meeting of the new church year (October).
An unexpired term may be filled by election of the church on recommendation of the Active Deacon Council.

    (4)  Qualifications
    He should be evangelistic and missionary in spirit, interested in the salvation of souls at home and abroad. He should avail himself and participate in the church visitation program.
    He should be a man who refrains from destructive criticism and who is willing to settle all difficulties in a quiet Christian manner.
    He should be a member of our church for at least one year. This will allow him time to acquaint himself with our church and its people and prove himself qualified.
    He shall be at least twenty-one (21) years of age.
    Listed below are the qualifications set forth in I Timothy 3:8-13 for the men whom the congregation elects as deacons. These are not maximum standards but minimum standards. They have been worded to set forth the barest minimum required by each statement in the Bible.

A.    He takes his church responsibilities seriously (grave). He is faithful in attendance of Sunday School, Morning and Evening Worship Services and Wednesday Services.
B.    He is not twofaced and does not go around stirring up discontent (double tongued). See also Acts 6:1 when they were first elected to put down murmurings.
C.    He does not drink alcoholic beverages (not given too much wine).
D.    He earns his money by Christ approved methods (not greedy of filthy lucre).
E.    He gives God back His 10th through the church (not greedy of filthy lucre).
F.    He takes a strong stand for Bible truths and Bible standards and does not try to "water down either (holding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience).
G.    He has already given evidence of these things (first by proved, found blameless).
H.    His wife should realize the seriousness of his responsibility and cooperate (wives be grave).
I.    His wife is not a talebearer or trouble maker (not slanderers).
J.    His wife exercises self-control (sober).
K.    His wife is faithful to him, to her home, and to God (faithful in all things).
L.    A deacon, if married, is to be faithful to his wife in all matters. He is literally a ˜man of one woman.'
M.    He is a good example to his children of what a Christian ought to be and seeks to lead his household in spiritual things (ruling their children and their own houses well).

Qualifications from Acts 6:1-7
A.    He has a good reputation among both the saved and the lost (honest report).
B.    He is deeply spiritual (full of the Holy Spirit).
C.    He uses sound judgment based on the truths of God's Word (and wisdom).
D.    He will work cooperatively with the pastor in seeking to minister to those in spiritual or material need, to keep down discontent and murmurings and extend the ministry of the church (the purpose of the entire passage).

1.    Officers
The permanent officers shall be chairman, vice chairman and secretary.
Secretary shall keep minutes of each meeting.
Those officers shall be elected at the first deacons' meeting of the new church year (October).
No officer may serve in the same office for more than two consecutive years.

              6. Meetings
The active deacons shall meet regularly once a month at such a time as is best suited to the program of the church. Special meetings may be called by the chairman as necessary.
7. Duties and Responsibilities
    In accordance with the meaning of the work and practice of the New Testament, deacons are to be servants of the church. The task of the deacon is to assist the pastor in performing pastoral responsibilities. Therefore, to accept nomination and election as a deacon requires accepting participation in the Deacon Family Ministry Plan.   
    That group of ordained deacons who hold membership in the church but are not elected "active deacons shall be known as "reserve deacons and shall avail themselves to service in any position of responsibility the church may direct.
    In recognition of outstanding service to this church by some individual deacons and to further the duel purposes of using the experience and wisdom of such men as their contribution to the work of the Lord Jesus and His Church, the office of Deacon Emeritus is authorized.