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PBC History

This article was written by Iris Tye Melvin and published by The Jackson County Times on August 10, 2017.

The oldest Church in the area is Providence Baptist Church.  It was organized in 1865 in the Providence community.  Some of the names of the pioneer families were Wester, Dykes, Carpenter, Hill, Neel, Nobles, and Hewett.  The land was donated for the Church by Mrs. Ann Carpenter and, at this time, they met and held worship services in an Arbor-type Church with just a top and some rough log benches.  Records show that some of the Indians that lived in the area also attended some of the services.

The first building was a log cabin, located about three quarters of a mile east of the present day site.  A larger building was built on the site where the Church stands today, but this wood building burned in 1926.

The Providence Church was rebuilt between 1926 and 1936.  Many will remember this building.  It was in use until about 1960.

A partial list of early pastors include Bro. W.D. Simpson, Bro. John M. Cranie, Bro. G.T. Hurst, Bro. Creamer, Bro. S.A. McLane, Bro. Dan McAlpin, Bro. J.L. Hand, Bro. Wilton Lawrence, and Bro. Powledge.

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